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Information for Investors

As an early stage agricultural medicinal and nutraceuticals research and well being company, CGI plc is created to take advantage of the global opportunities that medicinal cannabis represents, This is forecasted to be a USD $150 billion industry by 2025. (Global View Research,April 2018). CGI plc has a clear strategy for research, manufacturing, product, marketing, sales and distribution and an experienced Board of Directors with vast knowledge and expertise. This hasput CGI plc in the premier position as one of a handful of African focused companies poised to create value and carve out a significant share of this emerging and exciting medicinal, well being and recreational global cannabis market. Against the backdrop of a global health and wellness consumer mega-trend, with sentiments and legislation towards alternative medicines and medicinal cannabis in particular rapidly evolving, the time has never been so ripe to participate in the opportunity that CGI Plc represents.

Investment Opportunity

Canna Global Investments PLC (“CGI PLC”) is an agricultural biotechnology and brands company focused on researching, developing, investing in and licensing medical cannabis and hemp intellectual property. CGI is creating a portfolio of cannabis and hemp related IP assets that meet clear commercial needs and that offer our shareholders best-in-class returns. CGI’s long-term aim is to develop Intellectual Property that can be licensed out to Pharmaceutical companies capable of bringing revolutionary cannabis-based drugs to market. Drawing on the specialist expertise, skills and proven corporate governance of the Board of Directors, and partnerships developed with global networks, CGI is well placed to begin generating revenue in early 2020. The company has a clear philosophy that is driving its strategy and direction: realising the global opportunities for well-produced and branded, high quality, safe and effective medicinal and well being cannabis products to effect real change in people’s lives and health outcomes. CGI Plc has a management team with deep expertise across R&D, product development, cannabis investing, technology, sales, and finance.

Reasons to Invest

⬢   We are in a position to take advantage of rising demand and legislative changes that pave the way for a medicinal and nutraceuticals cannabis industry worldwide.

⬢   We have a well-defined strategy and road-map, with clear milestones to be achieved and will continue to be transparent about our KPI’s and milestones.

⬢   Our business goals are aligned to environmental responsibility. We will look for opportunities and technology to ensure our practices are sustainable.

⬢   Our R&D strategy will position us to develop proprietary IP and set an elevated benchmark as pioneers and leaders in the industry. This will ensure we deliver advanced, high-quality medicinal and nutraceutical cannabis products, with assurance from seed-to-sale.

⬢   Our strong offshore partnerships are opening doors to international opportunities.

⬢   Our Board of Directors have strong governance and management experience and expertise in science and medicine.

⬢   We forecast that we will start generating revenue in early 2021 with projected earnings showing a substantial return-on-investment and attractive dividend policy.